CD Jarŋŋa
CD Jarŋŋa CD Jarŋŋa CD Jarŋŋa CD Jarŋŋa

CD Jarŋŋa

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The band Jarŋŋa combines traditional sami music (Joik) with newly composed, warm  acoustic sounds by Mandy Senger and Katarina Rimpi. The music is inspired from the arctic landscape and comes right from the heart of Swedish Sápmi.

Track listing:

01. Dållårátte (Smoldering Charcoal)
02. Merraniejdda (The Selkie)
03. Julevädno (Lule River)
04. Äno Jiedna (Voice of the River)
05. Ájges Ájggáj (Time after Time)
06. Vuoras Ålmåj (The Old Man)
07. Iellem le (Life)
08. Munnu Tjuovgga (Eternal Light)
09. Jåvnå Vuolle (Johns Chant)
10. Nástte (Star)
11. Muv Viellja (My Brother)
12. Jiegŋa (Ice)

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