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Quality First

A Simple Product Philosophy

Only the best is good enough

Björn Thunborg, the Viltaffär's founder, choose to operate his business out of Porjus for this small village may be considered the gateway to a large wilderness area that today comprises no less than three national parks and a majestic mountain range. This area produces an abundance of high quality trading goods and raw materials.

Björn's business model was simplicity itself: arctic char, trout and pelts may be obtained from the mountains and the lakes. Local Sami herders provide an ample supply of prime reindeer meat while elk hunters supplement this with yet more choice cuts. Cloudberries, cranberries and blueberries are all harvested in the surrounding forests yet untouched by air or water pollution. This pristine wilderness, not much different today than when Björn started his business, ensures a steady supply of high quality, pure fruits-of-the-land which in turn offer an incomparable taste.

Lapland Traditions

Products carried by the Viltaffär, such as pelts, smoked arctic char, free-roaming salmon and reindeer ham, are always prepared according to old, traditional Lapland recipes and procedures. The recipes employed are closely-guarded and family-kept secrets, but we can divulge that in the preparation of our foodstuffs only natural additives such as sea salts are used. This gives Viltaffär products a decisive edge and superior taste over industrialized food. No dyes or chemical preservatives are employed and our products are safe to eat even for people suffering from allergies.

Quality First, No Mass Produced Items: That is the Viltaffär's Business Motto!

Quality First

And this will not change

Now the time has come to carefully manage Björn's heritage. We are determined to hold on to the original Viltaffär philosophy. Unfortunately we are unable to maintain production in the exact same form that Björn had devised. We have therefore decided to obtain our wares from trusted producers in the area as well as from small-scale producers in the wider Norrbotten area. We only carry products that we have thoroughly vetted (and tasted) ourselves.

We will do our very best to remain the original Lapland "mom-and-pop-shop" carrying a wide assortment of goods ranging from fishing nets to jewellery, from arts and crafts to seeds, rags, knives; and of course our varied stock of local delicacies:

Quality First

While seasonal stocks last:

  • Cold-smoked or regular smoked reindeer ham
  • Suovas (lightly-smoked reindeer meat)
  • Reindeer and moose jerky
  • Cold-smoked or regular smoked Elk steak
  • Cold-smoked salmon
  • Smoked arctic char and pike
  • Reindeer sausage
  • Elk sausage
  • Elk salami
  • Bear sausage
  • Cloudberry marmelade
  • Cranberry marmelade
  • Blueberry marmelade
  • Norrbottens coffee cheese

Please allow us to warmly welcome you to the Viltaffär in Porjus or - soon - to the new branch of Viltaffär on the Internet: The Laponiashop!

We remain, yours truly and with a Laplandish / Swedish "hej do",

Asbjörn Thunborg & Birgit Meier-Thunborg